We help people like you generate passive income through group investments in commercial real estate, so you can build wealth, retire with confidence, and live the life you love.



We are passionate about helping people like you pull your financial lives together. Messy divorces, recession-reduced stock market values, and the common motherly act of “giving it all up” for our children results in minimal savings. We’ve been there too, which is why we love informing people about passive investing in real estate, providing hope, generating confidence, building wealth for the future, and producing better life-situations joyfully along the way.

Hi, my name is Billye. For 18 years, I worked hard to climb the corporate ladder in construction procurement, all so that I could retire with confidence.  However, just years before retirement, I was astonished to discover my retirement account was practically nonexistent.  


I knew I wasn’t the only one, so I embarked upon a mission to help more people see that generating passive income is possible. I bought my first multi-unit building and created Ellis Chris Properties, where people can learn how to invest in real estate so they can achieve financial freedom. 

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Annie Dickerson, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Goodegg Investments, has invested in multifamily real estate since 2008. GoodEgg Investments has syndicated over 8400 multifamily units, worth over $739M. Annie specializes in strategic brand initiatives, investor education, and marketing. Annie currently lives in Oakland, CA, with her husband and two boys.

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Julie Lam, co-founder and CEO of Goodegg Investments, has been investing in real estate since 2009. GoodEgg Investments has syndicated over 8400 multifamily units, worth over $739M. Julie focuses on passive investing through real estate to grow her wealth, that allow her to leverage money and time so she can spend more time with her 3 children.



You followed the rules, got the degree, bought the house, and raised strong children, but what about you? Now there’s not enough savings, no more time, and you feel the joy-filled future you wished for is beginning to look impossible.

But it is possible! Join the Ellis Chris Investor Club today and we’ll teach you how to build passive income and grow your wealth with confidence and ease.